L’s Favorite Things: 2011 Edition

As the holiday shopping season has it’s big kick-off next week (although I’ve already started and am halfway done) I thought that I would do a series of posts of our favorite things!

L, my daughter, is a very active 13 month old.  Likes: cheese, cats, long lukewarm baths and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when she can get it.  Dislikes: getting dressed, vacuum cleaners and weaning off the bottle.  Favorite song: The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

L’s Top 10 Favorite Things

1. The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen.  She received this kitchen last Christmas from her grandparents and she’s played with it almost everyday for the past 6 months.  It does the usual Fisher-Price things: spanish, learning, and music.  She likes to store things in the oven.  This Christmas I plan on making her some felt food to go with her kitchen and getting her some pots and pans from Ikea.

Fisher Price Learn and Laugh Kitchen

2. Melissa and Doug Puzzles.  Recently L started playing with the puzzles when we would go to the library and she seems to favor these awesome Melissa and Doug puzzles.  They keep her entertained for a really long time, she sits still and plays and sings with them.   She also hides the puzzle pieces around the house!  This Christmas I plan on getting the puzzle storage rack as well as a couple more puzzles.

Melissa and Doug Puzzle Rack

3. An old wipes container filled with fabric pieces.  I first saw this idea at A Spotted Pony.   L was always going after the diaper wipes container to yank out wipes by the dozen so I saved one and filled it with cut up decorator fabrics that my mom gave me (she’s an interior decorator and is always giving me her old fabric samples!).

4. Small tape measures.  L loves to pull the tape out and watch it snap back in.

5. The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Laptop.  L will repeatedly pull it out and play with this laptop throughout the day.  The only problem is if you leave it on the spanish mode you will get “Hola… that means hello!” stuck in your head.

6. A big plastic bouncy ball.  I can’t find one online but if you go to the ball pit at either Target or Toys R Us (I recommend TRU for a cheaper price) you’ll be able to find one.  Ours cost me $1.25.

7. Ikea Mula Stacking Rings.   As soon as L gets to her room she makes a beeline for this ring stack.   She likes to unstack them, roll them around on the ground, chew on them, pretend they are ice skates, the list goes on and on.

Ikea Mula Stacking Rings

8. Baby Touch and Feel Animal Books.  L and I usually pick out books together once a month and I like to let her (gently) peruse the offerings until she comes away with something that she likes.   Time after time she comes back with the baby touch and feel animal books.  I think we have every kind!

Baby Touch and Feel Animals

9. Her sensory tub.   For those of you not familiar a sensory tub is just a container filled with stuff that encourages your child to explore within the tub.  Most sensory tubs are filled with a base (oatmeal, beans, rice) and then have other objects in them.  L has measuring cups to scoop things out of her tub.   Here are some excellent sensory tub ideas.

10. Melissa and Dough High Seas Symphony.   This one is lots of fun for me too!   I love to break out these instruments and sing with L.   This is also a great set to share with friends.   One afternoon we invited some of our mommy & me friends out to a park and had a jam session.   It was great!

Melissa and Dough High Seas Symphony

As you can see I really like Melissa and Doug toys although I didn’t realize until now how much we love our Fisher Price toys as well.  Of course, the one thing that I did not put on this list but is certainly #1 for L is attention from IbD and I.  Keep in mind that it’s YOU that your kids really want, not all the toys (well, at this age anyways!).


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