In Between a letter and a card

I’ve always loved receiving other families Christmas letters but have hesitated on writing our own for a couple of reasons.   Reason #1 is that it kind of seems like bragging (we went on a fantastic vacation, IbD got a fantastic promotion, we have a super beautiful child) and Reason #2 is because we don’t have very much to talk about.  There’s only 3 of us and when there was only 2 of us there was REALLY not much to say.

But I’ve still always felt like sharing something more than just a “Happy Holidays from the Ib’s!”.  Just a little glimpse into our life but nothing overwhelming.

I’m guessing that there are many other consumers out there with the same thoughts because this year I saw several photo card companies introduce the story card.  And the great thing, for me, about some story cards is that they come in a list format.   I am much more comfortable with list format then free form text most of the time.   I image it’s because I’ve spent the last 9 years compiling bullet lists and powerpoint presentations!

Some of my favorites are:

Top Ten Cards from Shutterfly.

Yearline Photo Cards from Minted.

Type in “Story photo card” on Etsy and you’ll get some great choices.  Depending on how many cards you need this could be a money saver because most of the time you pay for a digital file then order the photos from your favorite printing source (possibly taking advantage of all the photo coupons floating around this time of year!).   I really like this one from ZaZaZoo.

I’m debating whether to choose a card offered from the sources above or try to design my own in Photoshop.  I’m leaning towards ordering a pre-made card, not sure if I want to add one more thing to my Christmas To Do list!