Entertaining and the In-Between Household

Entertaining is on my mind frequently.   Possibly because of my addiction to Pinterest and entertaining blogs.  But like everything else, our house is between opinions when it comes to entertaining.

I like to have people over.   I like to plan a get together, sometimes with a theme, and throw in cute little touches here and there.  I loved planning our wedding (the implementation, not so much).

In-Between Dad likes to have people over possibly once a month.   And by people I mean 2.  IbD’s limit?   4 people.  For his birthday I invited over 5.   Luckily one of the couples had a prior commitment.

Reality check time: IbD’s way is probably better.   Less to stress out about and my budget goes a lot further this way.  For Elle’s birthday I had planned 30 people and we ended up with 18 (including ourselves) after IbD narrowed down the list.  It was a really nice amount of people and this way I barely went over budget.

Having over a smaller amount of people also allows you to spend more time with your guests.  And it allows you to put in some really special touches that you may not have time for if you had to do 16 items instead of 4.

What I really would like to start though is a Supper Club.  A very simple Supper Club, similar to the one that Cake Likes a Party belongs to.  I think I’ll invite my partner in crime Maggie over and see if she can help me convince her to start one with me!