It’s a Start…

I narrate to myself all day long in my head and I’ve made the decision to start posting my mental ramblings on a blog!  This blog as a matter of fact.

What do I plan for this blog to be about?  Since I’m a type A personality and a professional planner (of software projects) I have many plans.   And since I love a good schedule (and rarely get to implement one successfully) here’s my first stab at blog content.

  • Money Saving Ideas – my husband will also be contributing to these posts.   In our house I save little amounts of money (with coupons and homemaking) and my husband saves large amounts of money (refinancing our car and canceling cable for example).  We’ll share with you how we went from living beyond our means to saving over 10% of our income (while losing 1/4 of it!).
  • Mommy School – we have a (barely) toddler who is my entire world.  I’m absolutely fascinated with how she learns and so quickly!   I’ll share with you our weekly activities to stimulate her little brain.
  • Crafting – I love to make things.  I knit, sew, papercraft, and needlecraft.  I’ll show you all the cute things I make.
  • Random Ramblings – I have a lot of them so be prepared.
  • Stunning Photography – I am my husbands biggest fan but it’s well deserved!
I’m excited to get started and share my life with you!